Connor Literary Agency

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The Connor Literary Agency is a full-service literary agency serving writers throughout the world. It was established in 1985 in New York City and now has offices in both New York and Minneapolis. CLA has placed authors with the most prestigious commercial and literary publishing houses including HarperCollins, Grand Central Publishing, Random House, Sourcebooks, Crown and more. Our list has included bestsellers and ground-breakers.

CLA has also represented corporate clients bringing their brand and vision to bookstores and beyond.  We represent anthologies, thrillers, mysteries, beauty and health books, astrology books, crafts and sewing books, picture books, gift books, illustrated books, humor, cookbooks, historical fiction, sensual nonfiction, political thought, sports, self improvement, and more.  Corporate representation has included Woman's Day Magazine, Essence Magazine, and Simplicity Pattern Company.

CLA handles a variety of general nonfiction and fiction titles. We seek writers who simply write good books. The business of books is ever-changing and redefining itself yet a good read is like nothing else. Great writers still capture the imagination like no one else.

We hope you're encouraged and inspired to pursue that dream of being a published writer!